MERN.JS is a MVC JavaScript web application framework written using Node.js, Express.js, React.js, released as free and open-source software under the MIT License. It is designed to make it easy to build Javascript web applications and APIs. It's good for building realtime features like chat.


PrismJS is used as the syntax highlighter here. You can build your own version via their website should you need to.

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You can use this online HTML entity encoder/decoder to generate your code examples.

HTML Code Example
<!DOCTYPE html> 
<html lang="en"> 
<div class="jumbotron"> 
<h1>Hello, world!</h1> 
<p><a class="btn btn-primary btn-lg" href="#" role="button">Learn more</a></p> 
<div class="jumbotron"> 
<h1>Hello, world!</h1> 
<p><a class="btn btn-primary btn-lg" href="#" role="button">Learn more</a></p> 
CSS Code Example
/* ======= Base Styling ======= */
body {
font-family: 'Open Sans', arial, sans-serif; 
color: #333; 
font-size: 16px; 
-webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased; 
-moz-osx-font-smoothing: grayscale; 
SCSS Code Example
@mixin transform($property) {
-webkit-transform: $property;
-ms-transform: $property;
transform: $property;

.box { @include transform(rotate(30deg)); }
LESS Code Example
@base: #f04615;
@width: 0.5;

.class {
width: percentage(@width); // returns `50%`
color: saturate(@base, 5%);
background-color: spin(lighten(@base, 25%), 8);
JavaScript Code Example
function myFunction(a, b) { 
return a * b; 

document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML = myFunction(4, 3); 
Handlebars Code Example
Handlebars.registerHelper('list', function(items, options) { 
var out = "<ul>"; 

for(var i=0, l=items.length; i<l; i++) { 
out = out + "<li>" + options.fn(items[i]) + "</li>"; 

return out + "</ul>"; 
Git Code Example
$ git add Documentation.txt


Array Functions

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Functions Description
concat() Joins two or more arrays, and returns a copy of the joined arrays
copyWithin() Copies array elements within the array, to and from specified positions
entries() Returns a key/value pair Array Iteration Object
Mail Functions

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Functions Description
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